The Anarchist Rank is an Extremely Rare Rank that cannot be bought on the SaicoPvP Online Store. It is better than the Overlord Rank, which is 150.00 British Pounds on the SaicoPvP Online Store. The Anarchist Rank can only be obtained through Mythical Charms or through the monthly Ender Vault. If you are lucky enough to get the rank, you will get an Anarchist Rank Scroll. Once obtained, you can either chose to sell the scroll for millions, or claim it and gain the many perks it comes with.


  • Access to Mythical Random Kits
  • Access to the Anarchist Kits
  • Access to /raidshop; The Raid Merchant on the go!
  • A Constant 1.25x Soul Booster
  • 20 Total Homes
  • All Overlord Perks