Headhunting is what makes Saico PvP so outstanding from other faction servers. The point of headhunting is to make money, buy spawners, and level up. You can buy spawners at /warp spawnershop or /spawnershop . At the spawnershop, you can buy spawners from the three tiers; Basic, Advanced, and Expert. The higher the tier, the more expensive the spawner and the higher a level you need to use it.

Levels Edit

When you kill a animal/monster from a spawner, you will get a head. You can Right-Click the head to sell it for money and XP. In the older versions of Saico PvP, the only point in selling heads was to gain money. Today, you will gain Headhunting XP along side the money when you sell it. While in-game you can type /rankup or /levelup to check how much XP you need until you level up. You only get XP from selling heads the same level as you (Ex: A level 1 can't sell level 2 heads.) Another way to check your progress is to look for the percentage on the right side of your screen in-game. When you reach a specific level, you begin to gain rewards from leveling up, such as Charms.

Masks Edit

You may think that leveling up is the only thing to do with the headhunting system, but that is far from it. Cauldrons have a special ability when in-game, where you can right click one with heads in your hand to "deposit" them into the cauldrons. Why would you want to do this? Why, to form masks of course! Masks are special items to wear on your head in order to give you special abilities depending on what animal/monster the mask is based off of. To form a mask, you right click the cauldron (With no heads in your hand) and a menu will pop up showing all of the masks. While hovering over a mob, you can see how many heads you have put in the cauldron. Please note, you cannot take heads back out of a cauldron once you have put them in. You can right-click to check what each of the masks do, or you can left-click to form a mask.

Mask Type Ability
Pig Mask Wearer Has to Eat Less. Wearer does not need to eat at higher levels.
Ocelot Mask Wearer has a chance to gain good items while fishing.
Wolf Mask ???
(More Info Needed) (I'm not ingame. I can't see right now.)